Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd from Qianlong Period


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Journey through time with our exquisite Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd from the Qianlong Period. This masterpiece embodies the auspicious symbols of wealth, longevity, and harmony. Display it as a centerpiece to attract positive energy, or use it as a practical vase to enhance your home décor. Its intricate design and vibrant colors are sure to bring joy and prosperity to your space. Invest in this heirloom-quality piece and watch as it elevates your soul, revitalizes your energy, and invites good fortune into your life.
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In the realm of exquisite porcelain, where artistry meets history, OriGoods proudly presents the Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd from the illustrious Qianlong Period. This extraordinary artifact embodies the pinnacle of Chinese craftsmanship, carrying with it a rich tapestry of cultural significance and historical allure.
The Qianlong Period, spanning from 1736 to 1795, marked a golden age for Chinese porcelain production. Under the patronage of the esteemed Emperor Qianlong, the imperial kilns of Jingdezhen reached unprecedented heights of creativity and technical prowess. The Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd is a testament to this era of artistic brilliance.
This exquisite gourd-shaped vessel is adorned with intricate Famille Rose enamels, a technique that employs a vibrant palette of colors to depict auspicious motifs. The gourd itself, a symbol of longevity and abundance in Chinese culture, is meticulously rendered in shades of green, yellow, and aubergine, complemented by delicate tendrils of pink and yellow blossoms.
Interspersed among the floral motifs are auspicious symbols that further enhance the gourd’s significance. The Shou character, representing longevity, is prominently displayed, surrounded by bats, symbols of good fortune, and peaches, emblems of immortality. These auspicious elements combine to create a harmonious composition that radiates positive energy and invites good luck.
The Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd is not merely a decorative object; it is a potent symbol of prosperity and well-being. In Chinese culture, the gourd is believed to possess the ability to absorb negative energy and promote harmony within the home. Its rounded shape is said to attract positive chi, or life force, while the narrow neck prevents the escape of beneficial energy.
Displaying this exquisite porcelain gourd in your home or office is believed to bring forth an abundance of positive energy, enhancing your living space with an aura of prosperity and harmony. Its auspicious symbolism makes it an ideal gift for friends, family, or business associates, conveying your heartfelt wishes for their happiness and success.
As a collector’s item, the Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd holds immense value. Its historical significance, coupled with its exceptional craftsmanship and rarity, makes it a coveted piece among discerning collectors. The gourd’s impeccable condition and meticulous attention to detail further enhance its desirability, ensuring its enduring worth as an heirloom to be cherished for generations to come.
OriGoods, renowned for its discerning eye for authentic and exceptional oriental artifacts, is proud to offer this exquisite Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd. This remarkable piece, steeped in history and symbolism, is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a genuine masterpiece of Chinese porcelain. Its timeless beauty and auspicious aura make it a worthy addition to any collection, promising to bring forth an abundance of positive energy and fortune.
Embark on a journey through time and culture with OriGoods, where the Fu Shou Yuan Famille Rose Porcelain Gourd awaits your discovery. Let this exquisite artifact grace your home or office, inviting harmony, prosperity, and boundless fortune into your life.
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 23 cm

1:1 Mirror Replica, Original (with Certificate)


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