Interlock Lotus Blue and White Porcelain Vase from Qianlong Period


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Immerse yourself in the legacy of Chinese artistry with the Interlock Lotus Blue and White Porcelain Vase from the Qianlong Period, available at OriGoods. This exquisite piece embodies the pinnacle of ceramic craftsmanship, boasting intricate lotus and scroll patterns that symbolize purity, harmony, and prosperity. Display it as a centerpiece or use it as a functional vase to uplift your living space. Its timeless beauty and auspicious aura will bring positive energy, enhance your personal fortune, and inspire a sense of serenity and tranquility. Embrace the essence of oriental elegance and elevate your home decor with this exceptional porcelain vase.

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In the heart of OriGoods, a treasure awaits, a relic of imperial grandeur, the Interlock Lotus Blue and White Porcelain Vase from the Qianlong Period. This exquisite masterpiece transcends time, carrying the weight of history and the essence of Chinese artistry.
The Qianlong Emperor, a renowned patron of the arts, reigned during a period of unprecedented cultural and artistic flourishing. His reign, spanning six decades, witnessed a golden age of porcelain production, with Jingdezhen, the imperial kilns, reaching the zenith of its artistry. It was during this era that the Interlock Lotus Vase was meticulously crafted, embodying the pinnacle of ceramic achievement.
The vase’s design is a testament to the ingenuity and symbolism deeply embedded in Chinese culture. The lotus, a sacred flower revered in Buddhism, symbolizes purity, enlightenment, and transcendence. Its graceful form, rendered in cobalt blue against a white backdrop, exudes an aura of serenity and elegance. The interlocked lotus motif, a symbol of harmony and unity, further enhances the vase’s auspicious significance.
Beyond its aesthetic beauty, the Interlock Lotus Vase holds immense cultural and historical significance. It serves as a tangible link to the opulent Qing dynasty, a period marked by prosperity, stability, and cultural exchange. The vase’s intricate patterns and motifs reflect the prevailing artistic trends and beliefs of the era, offering a glimpse into the imperial court’s refined taste and appreciation for the arts.
As a collector’s item, the Interlock Lotus Vase holds exceptional value. Its rarity, historical significance, and impeccable craftsmanship make it a highly sought-after piece among discerning collectors and art enthusiasts. The vase’s provenance, meticulously documented and authenticated, adds to its allure, ensuring its place as a prized possession for generations to come.
More than a mere decorative object, the Interlock Lotus Vase is believed to possess energetic properties that bring harmony, prosperity, and good fortune to its surroundings. Its auspicious motifs, coupled with its historical significance, create a powerful aura that is said to enhance positive energy flow and attract positive outcomes.
OriGoods, renowned for its discerning eye for exceptional artifacts, presents this extraordinary Interlock Lotus Vase as a testament to the enduring legacy of Chinese craftsmanship. This exquisite piece is not merely a decorative item; it is a symbol of imperial grandeur, cultural heritage, and the enduring power of art to transcend time.
Whether displayed prominently in a living room, study, or office, the Interlock Lotus Vase radiates an aura of sophistication and timeless beauty. Its presence serves as a reminder of the rich history and cultural significance of Chinese art, adding a touch of elegance and refinement to any space.
At OriGoods, we take pride in offering our customers access to exceptional artifacts that tell a story, artifacts that embody the essence of history and culture. The Interlock Lotus Vase is more than just a porcelain vessel; it is a testament to the enduring legacy of Chinese craftsmanship, a symbol of imperial grandeur, and a source of positive energy and fortune.
As you gaze upon this exquisite vase, allow yourself to be transported back to the opulent courts of the Qing dynasty, where emperors and courtiers reveled in the beauty and artistry of their surroundings. Let the Interlock Lotus Vase serve as a reminder of the enduring power of art to transcend time and inspire generations to come.
Dimensions 14.5 × 14.5 × 19.5 cm

1:1 Mirror Replica, Original (with Certificate)


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