Sun Yat-sen Portrait 10yuan Copper Coin Issued in 1936


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In 1936, the Sun Yat-sen Portrait 10yuan Copper Coin was issued, marking a significant moment in Chinese history. This exquisitely crafted coin not only holds historical value but also embodies profound cultural meanings. Carrying the likeness of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the Father of Modern China, this coin symbolizes the spirit of revolution, progress, and nation-building. Its intricate design and copper material exude an aura of elegance and timelessness. Whether used as a collectible, decorative piece, or even in feng shui practices, the Sun Yat-sen Portrait 10yuan Copper Coin is believed to bring good fortune, positive energy, and harmony to its possessor. Its historical significance and cultural symbolism make it an ideal gift for those who appreciate Chinese history and culture.

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Step into the annals of history and embrace the legacy of a visionary leader with OriGoods’ exclusive offering – the Sun Yat-sen Portrait 10-yuan Copper Coin, a testament to China’s transformative era. This meticulously crafted coin, issued in 1936, transcends its monetary value, becoming a tangible piece of history that encapsulates the spirit of a nation’s struggle for progress.
As the Father of Modern China, Sun Yat-sen’s unwavering dedication to revolutionizing China’s political landscape and modernizing its society left an indelible mark on the nation’s destiny. His Three Principles of the People – nationalism, democracy, and people’s livelihood – became the guiding principles for China’s transformation, igniting a flame of hope and aspiration among its citizens.
The Sun Yat-sen Portrait 10-yuan Copper Coin stands as a poignant reminder of this pivotal era. The intricate detailing of Sun Yat-sen’s portrait, captured with remarkable precision, pays homage to his unwavering resolve and unwavering commitment to his ideals. The coin’s reverse side features the iconic Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, a symbol of national unity and a testament to the enduring legacy of this visionary leader.
Beyond its historical significance, this coin carries profound cultural meanings. The fusion of Chinese and Western elements in its design reflects Sun Yat-sen’s vision of a modern China that embraced both tradition and progress. The coin’s round shape symbolizes harmony and unity, while the copper material embodies strength and resilience – qualities that epitomize the spirit of the Chinese people.
Discerning collectors recognize the exceptional value of this coin. Its rarity and historical significance make it a coveted addition to any numismatic collection. Its impeccable condition and meticulous preservation ensure its enduring value as a tangible piece of history.
But the Sun Yat-sen Portrait 10-yuan Copper Coin transcends its monetary and historical worth. It is believed to possess potent energy and bring good fortune to its обладатель. The coin’s association with Sun Yat-sen, a symbol of progress and prosperity, imbues it with an aura of positive energy. Its round shape and copper material are considered auspicious in Chinese culture, believed to attract wealth and ward off negative influences.
Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a coin collector, or simply seeking a unique and meaningful artifact, the Sun Yat-sen Portrait 10-yuan Copper Coin is an exceptional acquisition. Its historical significance, cultural meanings, and potential to bring energy and fortune make it a truly remarkable piece.
OriGoods, your trusted online destination for exquisite oriental artifacts, presents this exceptional coin as a testament to our commitment to preserving and sharing China’s rich cultural heritage. Embrace the legacy of Sun Yat-sen and add this captivating piece of history to your collection. Visit OriGoods today and embark on a journey through time, where history and culture converge to create a truly extraordinary experience.

1:1 Mirror Replica, Original (with Certificate)


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